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It's a somewhat late night over in Cloud City. A group of tourists have flown on in and are walking along the gardens. They're gawking and chattering amongst themselves. A group of mixed species that are talking in various languages to one another while a beaten up protocol droid is giving them a monologue about the history of Cloud City. Going along the protocol droid is a very suspicious looking RX-series protocol droid with an excess number of spindly arms on it.

Sarentes scratches his forehead, watching the waning daylight. He notices he is standing in the direct path of the oncoming tourists, and he backs up a few steps to let them past. His trained eyes focus on the passers-by and stop to stare at the multi-armed droid. He frowns a bit and hastily reaches to grasp his datapad. After a moment of quick parsing through several screens, he nods. "I've seen you before," he mutters and watches to see just how many little items it might try to steal from the gawking crowd.

Mina is coming along, seeming to fit in as well as a Twi'lek lady not particularly-scantily-clad might, since she seems to get most of her clothes from here, walking through the park, and speaking to a Chiss fellow, "Well, I hope thees diversion will prove worthwhile. But, at least I'm rather fond of the cloudscape and nice dreenks."

Fazarn gives a nod to Mina and looks about. "The look is nice. The drinks... They have some good ones, true." He doesn't seem to have chosen a drink for himself yet.

There's a whirr-chitt over from the RX droid, "I can't wait to start flying! I will be so great at it." As it goes along, it ends up bumping over into the protocol droid, who toddles just a little bit as the droid would bounce off. Someone would see a 'take sticker off after factory production' still on it.

        Val is wandering about the park, exploring the various drink kiosks, vendors, and plants from all around the galaxy. It's a nice place, that's for sure! Honestly, he hasn't seen a lot of the galaxy other than the places he was raised, being as young as he is.

        He does notice that weird-looking RX series droid that probably has way too many arms for its own good. As it walks along, he starts to sort of follow it casually, curious about it. When it accidentally bumps into the other protocol droid, the one giving the monologue, he reaches out and tries to steady the wobbling one and preventing it from falling over! You know, in case it falls onto one of the tourists and causes some kind of domino effect!

Sarentes raises his eyebrows in surprise. He's never seen a Jedi knock over so many people by accident before. Well technically, the droid did the knocking over of the protocol droid, which knocked over who knows how many others. But at first glance, it sure looked like the young Jedi standing in the middle of the now prone circle of tourists might have been the stone causing the ripple effect.

This all seemed strange to him. A pilot droid that is clumsy and too many arms? It wasn't adding up, raising his suspicious hackles. He steps forward to help up one of the tourists, while looking to the Jedi. "Everything alRIIIIGHT!" His question ends in a whoop of surprise as the large tourist, attempting to use Sarentes' arm to pull herself up, succeeded only in pulling Sarentes down to the ground beside her.

Ther'es an informal TIMMM-berr as the protocol droid flails it's arms, then one of the tourists bounces off it, then back over into another, who also tumbles, and it looks like everything is going to go the route of a variety show when Valerian swoops in, and manages to make a save of the worst of the bouncing. But that still has a series of heads over flippers (or whatever body parts)

Mina nods to Fazarn, as some affair about droids seems to disrupt the scene, eyes glancing that way.

Fazarn blinks as the fiasco with the droid occurs, and he looks at what's going on there a moment, then back to Mina. "...Never a dull moment?" He was going to get a drink but waits a moment, in case things devolve worse perhaps.

        Whoops. It seems Val hadn't quite accomplished the effect he'd wanted. Several people get knocked into and stumble around. But he somehow manages to prevent a -total- fiasco. One of these days, he'll -actually- figure out how to use the Force, all right?

        Suddenly, it dawns on him that he might get blamed for this, in his moderately blundered attempts to help. So he points at the weird RX droid. "That one started it." he informs whoever might be listening.

Mina nods to Fazarn, then tilts her head a bit, now that her attention's been there, eyes glancing about for what such a scene might be a diversion from, "Eef we're unlucky, I suppose. Do you make anything about the odd droids? :)

Pinging the server...

Sarentes rolls over, sitting up to survey the crowd. He sees the Jedi point to the RX droid, and nods in confirmation. "You're right, I saw . . " He rises, making sure the tourist who pulled him down is also once again on her feet. He steps closer . . . "Is this thing stolen?" He moves to examine it, wondering if he can make out any information on its modifications.

The droid suddenly shifts around, "I didn't do anything! You got no proof! It's just his word against mine!" the droid goes o rev up his.. Wheels in a slow panic. "I'm too young to die! No dissassemble! NO dissassemble!"

Mina hrms, and clicks an earset into her headdress over an earcone, just wagging a couple of fingers for her companion to cover from the right, approaching. She pipes up, "Patience, please, everyone. No one's to be disassembled, ees everyone well?"

Fazarn frowns as he watches the spectacle before them. He follows Mina's motion and moves to cover that direction as she tries to calm everything down.

        Oh, phew. No one's blaming him. But Val tries to calm the droid down when it starts freaking out. "Hey, hey calm down here. No one's disassembling anything." He notices that fresh-off-the-belt sticker and tries to pluck it off and show it to the droid. "See? You just needed to be broken in. Nothing to worry about." The padawan grins and slaps the mech on the back in a friendly fashion. "All good now."

        A glance toward Mina when she approaches. "I'm good." Oh right, but what about everyone else? He glances around, trying to make sure everyone was indeed okay and no one was hurt.

Sarentes seems unconvinced still of the droid's innocence. From a crouch position he shuffles to the protocol droid, helping it up. "Where did you guys come from? Is this astro droid actually with you?"

He turns and sees Mina calming the crowd and asks, "Are you in charge of this group here? Do you know where these droids came from?"

The droid goes to wave it's various diodes rapidly. "Of course! All I needed to do was break.. I mean be broken in.. HEY!" It seems to be caught up over in something as it takes the distraction for it's attempt to try and slide away ever so quickly. "I just need my chance to fly real high!"

The protocol droid shakes his head, "My goodness gracious no!"

Mina shakes her head to Sarentes, with a tilt of lekku, "I am not, but I theenk these droids may have been modified and are now frightened." Still, she seems to be a lady somewhat used to being in charge, somewhere, Bespin-style capelet over her jacket and all, and addresses the droids. "Are you two, ...lost, perhaps?"

        Val smiles as the droid seems to be calmed by his encouragement. He turns to the other protocol droid as it speaks up. "No what?" he questions. "No it isn't with you?" A glance toward Sarentes, then back at the RX as it suddenly tries to start taking off. "What's with all the arms, anyway? Someone mod you?" he asks. "Hey where are you going so fast?" Not in a threatening tone or anything, just a question.

Fazarn continues to watch as Mina tries to speak with the droids and the others. He raises a brow at the mention that they're scared. They certainly were acting that way. He merely surveys the room as everyone converses.

The RX droid chants, "I'm not with anyone! I'm going to take a ship and they're never gonna catch me!" That has several of the tourists just staring over at it. "You didn't hear anything!" The droid is slowly backing off again over. "And I'm just the way I am!" To Valerian.

Sarentes checks that his datapad is still with him, and sees that it is not. He briefly looks around on the ground without success, and still convinced (right or wrong) that the astro droid has been modded to be a thief, now seems genuinely alarmed.

He gives chase to the RX unit, hollering, "STOP! I want to see what you've taken from these people!" In his mind, he is serving justice, but it could be he is mistaken and is riling up the crowd for no good reason.

        Huh. Val turns to watch Sarentes, who suddenly appears very alarmed, begin chasing after the droid, who has just claimed he is going to steal a ship. Could it be that stupid as to announce to everyone a planned crime? The padawan chuckles. "Well maybe they -weren't- going to catch you, until just now when you basically announced to the whole park that you're planning on stealing something."

        Though, he doesn't start chasing after it, yet. Instead, he closes his eyes and tries to focus on the droid, to see if he can figure out if it did in fact steal something from one of the tourists or from any of the others who have gathered here.

Pinging the server...

There's a running over as Sarentes goes to chase after the fleeing RX unit. "You'll never take me alive coppers!" IT's various things waving behind it, a small sensor dome prodding out to start spinning wildly like some sort of satellite dish. There's a sort of strange feeling in the air as Sarentes races after it. Through gardens, past confused looking cleaners wearing oddly specific and unusual attire for then and now..

Wait, they seem to be moving slower. Perhaps they're getting tired? No, wait, they're going faster now. Like.. They were going in double time. How..

        ~Yakkety yak yakkety yak~

Mina taps her headset, says, quietly, "Arbee, have Cookie secure the ship and put someone to watch the pad, possible rogue droid here in the royal park,"

To Valerian, it would be -confirmed- rogue droid in the park. The droid, while it might not have stolen anything, clearly was a clear and present danger. Force save anyone if it actually tried to od it's job

Mina just strides along slowly behind. "I might like thees droid, Faz has my right, Cookie, try getting ahead of him at the west gate, wait behind doorframe," She describes the droid's shape and color in clipped terms, and adds, "Bystanders chasing, try not to shoot anybody else, local security's going to notice soon."

Fazarn nods as Mina gives commands. He checks his blaster pistol, making sure it's set to stun and follows along trying to make sure he keeps pace with everyone.

        Val's eyes open again. Yep, that was definitely a rogue droid. Maybe it actually did need to get dismantled. For its own good, of course. Not that anyone needed to use the Force to get a clue on that. -Now- he tries to run after it, maybe a Force leap to try to boost himself enough to get ahead of it. Whether or not that succeeds, he'd keep on calling out to it. 

        "Hey wait up! I just wanted to talk to you! I was just giving you some advice you know, if you were planning on stealing something announcing it to the world probably isn't the best idea."

Tatiana arrives, taking up her assigned position at the west gate, finding a conveniant doorframe to stash herself in. "Okay, lil' feller, come t' momma.", she breathes, unlimbering her blaster rifle and dialing it down to a lower, hopefully less destructive setting.

Sarentes begins to tire from all of this running around, not to mention the embarassment of being seen chasing this damn thing around. He's not sure if the droid figured out he was a cop or was just uttering old holofilm nonsense.

He finally makes a giant leap to at least land on top of the crazy thing, and realizes in mid-air he might not make it. His fingers graze the metal hull of the astro droid, then slide down the metal frame, finally grasping onto one of the arms! He wraps his leg around the side, clinging for dear life, hoping the droid doesn't hit a tree or something.

There's a swing and a LEAP from Sarentes, as he's over and atop the droid! But he's atop the droid with all the insanity that involves. For some reason he's pressed to yell 'JANE SHUT OFF THIS CRAZY THING' despite likely not ever having met anyone recently named Jane. 

"YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!" The droid zooms along, skidding to a halt as Valerian goes to dance in front of him. The sudden SCREECH-HALT leaves tread marks on the ground, which also launches Saretes off him onto Valerian's lap and Tatiana has a clear shot. 

PEOW goes to strike the droid, and it spasms over as the radar dish would spin madly around, madly, madly..

Mina stalks along, as things do seem to escalate, says into her headset as she approaches to about that doorway, reaching for her shoulder holster. "I still might like that droid, Cookie."

"Copy that, Cap. One droid salad comin' up.", Tatiana says into her headset, pulling her rifle to her shoulder, taking a bit of aim and squeezing the trigger.

Fazarn follows along side Mina, his blaster out now, though kept low, finger off the trigger. He keeps pace as they make their way to catch up with the droid in question.

        Valerian lands in front of the droid, only for it to yell in his face. "Hey, I didn't say I was the boss of you, like I said just offering some common sen--" And then Sarentes comes tumbling. Quickly, he attempts to jump out of the way and avoid getting plowed over by the older man.

        By the time that's over, someone has shot the droid down. The young Jedi sighs. "Now was that -really- necessary? I had it under control." Not really. But he'd like to think that. Oh well. He glances at Sarentes. "You okay, sir?" he asks.

Sarentes grasps the Jedi to steady himself, then puts both feet on solid ground. He looks down. Hey, look! There's his datapad!

He picks it up, growling to himself. "Fine, thanks," he answers. He passes through a bit of smoke rising from the blaster shot, and examines the droid. Finding no evidence of stolen property, he steps back to see just who shot it.

Tatiana resets the safety on her rifle and slings it casually back over her shoulder before sliding into view. "Hail an' well met, Gentles.", she says to the Jedi and the other man. "Y'all okay?"

Pinging the server...

Mina gives a nod as the droid is stopped and falters, and follows through the gateway, pulling her own shortie clone blaster, and holding that low as she approaches the droid. Says, "Easy, easy, tiger, looking out for restraining bolds, or fake ones," then to the very acrobatic gentleman. "I suspect thees droid was put into a life of crime....or desperation, by someone. "

        Val nods as Sarentes confirms he's all right. Good! Then Tatiana appears, rifle over shoulder. "Nice shot." he compliments. "Even if it wasn't really necessary." he adds with a smirk.

Fazarn follows behind Mina, sliding his weapon back into it's holster as he sees the downed droid. He gives a nod to Tati at that. "Nicely done." Moving over to her as he looks over the droid.

        Val nods as Sarentes confirms he's all right. Good! Then Tatiana appears, rifle over shoulder. "Nice shot." he compliments. "Even if it wasn't really necessary." he adds with a smirk.

        Looking to Mina as she approaches. "It's a rogue droid, that's for sure. But maybe you can fix it up." She seems to know her stuff when it comes to these things.

Sarentes observes the three armed . . . spacers? He's not sure . . . and puts on his best happy face. "Yes, nice shot indeed! Thank you for the help. Hell, I could have been halfway to Seswenna by now if you hadn't stopped it. Crazy way to end the day, huh?" He looks down at his now decidedly NOT clean clothes, and nods. "Well, this has been my day, all summed up in one fashion trend, here."

The droid is for now in shutdown thanks tot he stun/ion burst and has gone to power conservation mode. And Sarentes probably -still- can swear he heard a 'Jane shut off this crazy thing' in the background even as he no doubt is trying to edge away as the Pink Panther theme goes off

Mina nods to Tatiana and, also Fazarn, who often seems to be in the background for if things go wrong, holstering her pistol. Taps her headset and says, "Arbee, you may not like thees, but I need you to breeng a restraining bolt for a glitchy droid, we'll breeng him somewhere dry for his health," she says. Already looking into a main motivator panel, she puts on a glove and disconnects one connection for now, and looks up. Eyes Sarentes, more closely, and says, "I like Bespin for new clothes, at least. And eef no one presses a claim, I know some who are very good weeth droids."

"Thankee.", Tatiana replies to the two, doffing her hat politely. "Lil sucker was sure on about somethin'.", she notes. "Any idea what set it off?", she inquires.

<<Understood, Captain. I'll be right there.>>

Mina hrms, straightening, "Eet wouldn't be the first time een this port for someone to cross-wire a droid to do crimes by proxy, Cookie. I theenk between EV and Tovana, this fellow could have a chance."

        "Uh..." Val rubs the back of his head at the question of what set the droid off. "Well, it almost knocked a bunch of people over, and then I was trying to get it to calm down when it started trying to run away, and then this guy started running after it and that's when it started yelling and announcing to everyone that it was gong to steal a ship." he says, pointing at Sarentes. "So, maybe when he started chasing it?"

Over as Arbee would be coming out, the RX would start to click back to activeness. "It's a CONSPIRACY! A CONSPIRACY I tell yoU!" It's sensor dome would spin wildly. "I will NOT let the intergalactic community to sap and impurify all our precious bodily fluids!"

Sarentes snorts and smirks at the Jedi's conclusion, but he's too tired to argue. "Pipe down," he snarls at the droid. He considers his options concerning Mina's request about the claim on the droid. The factory sticker sure made it look like it was stolen; stuff like this doesn't just roll of the lot. But it was her crew that seemed to have saved the day, and damn it was getting late. Why open a file on it. Why even confirm he was a cop? This obviously wasn't the droid he was looking for. And it damn sure wasn't the Jedi's machine. "Fine by me," he replies, wiping some grime from his arm. "Don't care if that thing ever crosses my path. If I see you guys around again, let me buy the first round."

<<Here I am!?>>, Arby hoots, rolling up to the scene, restraining bolt held in one of it's grasper arms. <<You what?>>, it says, pausing and rotating it's dome in Mina's direction. <<I usually feel a little guilty doing this to another droid.>>, it says, rolling forward to affix the bolt on the droid's body. <<But this time, not so much.>>, it comments, extracting it's welder to give the bolt a firm seal.

There's a fading yell of "HEYYY MACARENN" right as the restraining bolt kicks in, and the droid goes offline, all the bits retracting over into it. If this was what it was like fresh off the factory line, imagine what sort of horrors would happen if it spent time and developed a full personality..

Mina hehs, to the paranoid astromech, who presently would seem to find himself immobilized by said disconnected motivator bus. "Believe eet or not, leetle fellow, this is your lucky day," she says, as the orange and white R2 unit does his job, and the rogue droid responds by shutting down. Or seeming to. "I suppose, Arbee, power this one down eef you can safely, we'll want full scans and diagnostics,"

        Val watches as the restraining bolt is clamped on admist more nonsensical shouting. "Yep, definitely a glitch." he says with a nod. "Good thing it was stupid enough to get itself caught before it went anywhere else and got any worse." he remarks.

        "No issues here." The young padawan replies to Mina's claim. "Looks to me like you're the one best suited to take care of it, anyway." A wink. "Good luck with that, by the way."

<<Done.>>, Arby bleeps, leaning forward to stab the master power switch with a flick of it's primary articulated grasper. <<This poor guy's pretty far gone.>>, the little orange and white R2 hoots sadly. <<We'll know more when we can get him on the bench for a proper scan, but I'm betting he's riddled with programming errors.>>

Mina nods to Arby. "Just keep the poor theeng shut down and locked down until we can bring him to our friends, not interface, who knows what's een there." She then turns to Val, and bows slightly. "I'm Captain Rashenna, incidentally, and these are some of my crew. You did well to clear a shot from Cookie, here. Also, Faz, Arbee," she introduces the others in turn.

        "Nice to meet you, Rashenna." Val nods politely in greeting to her, and then to each of the crew members present in turn. "Or should I call you Captain? Even if you're not my captain? Uh...I mean, never mind." Stupid question. 

        "Ahem, anyway. Val Alexia." he says, reciprocating the introduction. "Where are you from?" he asks out of curiosity.

<<No worries about that, Cap. The last thing in the world I'm about to do's interface with a strange droid.>>, Arby hoots firmly. <<That's a nice way to catch something.>>, Arby sniffs puritanically.

"Nice t' meetcha.", Tatiana says, doffing her floppy hat again. "Ya think Tovana can do anything with him, Arby?", she asks.

<<Hard to say, Mistress.>>, Arby warbles back. <<Like I said, we'll have to get him on a test bench before we know anything conclusive. First blush, there are more programming errors than programming successes, but there's a lot of things that can cause that kind of behavior other than simple bad code.>>

Fazarn watches as Cookie and Arby converse about the droid. He smiles at her then takes a few steps back to let them work, staying close if they need help with anything. He asks Mina, "Think it'll be salvageable?"

The Twi'lek captain says, "I'm... From space, I suppose, my family are from other places. Captain's a title. Eef we can all go for a drink, you might call me Mina. And..." She hrms, to Fazarn. "I don't know, Mister Fazarn, but Scrubs was down for perhaps ten years before Tovana did a few theengs. We take our time weeth this."

"Could do with a drink.", Tatiana notes, nodding a little. "Arby, you okay to escort our new friend here back to the ship on your own, or do ya need some help?", she inquires.

<< I've got a control unit for the restraining bolt, I can activate just his motor functions, if someone would reconnect his motivator unit. >>

"Heh, that makes two of us. I don't really know where I'm from, either." Val admits. "My parents left me on Corellia when I was a baby. And then I fell in with the Order." he tells them.

"Speaking of which, I should probably get back. Hope that droid actually ends up being useful one day." he chuckles. "It was good meeting you all."

Mina shrugs a bit to the astromech. "I pulled the motivator bus connector just now, Arbee, just hire us a loader to breeng him to the ship, we don't know what else was done to him." She tilts her head to Val. "Which Order, then, eef you wouldn't like to join us?

<< I'll get one here soon as I can. >>, Arby replies.

        "Oh, the Jedi." Val answers over his shoulder as he starts to move away. "Nothing against you, of course. Just that I'd probably get yelled at for going out drinking right now instead of meditating or something." he chuckles. Then he's out of sight!