Name: Alchemy

Skills: Control, Sense, and Alter

Description: Using ancient Sith equipment and arcane formulae, a character with this Force power can alter the molecular composition of living beings, creating Dark Side mutants. All changes made to a being with this power create horrific physical mutations. Altering multiple aspects requires multiple rolls, with each roll taking one minute and granting an additional Dark Side Point. To use this power successfully requires thousands of credits worth of alchemical equipment and raw materials (as well as a subject). Each alteration made inflicts 4D damage against the subject. This power can also be used to reshape inanimate matter. A character who uses this power automatically receives a Dark Side Point.


Control Moderate
Sense Moderate
Alter Varies depending on effect, ranging from Moderate for relatively minor modifications, to Heroic for extreme changes. Each additional use increases the Alter difficulty by five points, and grants an additional Dark Side Point.

Alignment: Dark

Pre-Requisites: Accelerate Another's Healing, Control Another's Pain, Control Pain, Enhance Attribute, Feed on Dark Side, Hibernation Trance, Injure/Kill, Life Detection, Life Sense, Place Another in Hibernation Trance, Sense Force, Sith Sorcery, Transfer Force, and 8D+0 in all Force Skills

Restricted: This power is restricted. Please contact staff if you wish to learn it.

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