Aris Kelrane is a middle-aged human male, appearing to be in his early- to mid-sixties. While his age is obvious, he is by no means frail, and by all accounts the years have treated him reasonably well. He has stark white hair, which sprouts from his head to a short length with no particular style, and bright blue eyes. His features are sharp and angular, his skin pale, face showing some lines and wrinkles from age and experience, a few light scars. He stands a few inches under six feet, and his build is a little bit on the lighter side, likely owing to his age, but he appears fit nonetheless. The man wears a rather well-tailored outfit, black from head to foot but for a dark red tunic beneath his cloak. He wears well-buffed black boots, and leather gloves cover his hands. From his belt, a metal cylinder roughly a foot in length hangs, but he appears to carry no other weapons or accessories.


Aris Kelrane was born on Anaxes, fourty-four years before the Battle of Yavin. He was discovered as a child to have a strong connection to the Force, and brought to Coruscant for training in the Jedi Temple. As a youth, Kelrane was a quiet, studious boy who sought to learn all he could from his Jedi Masters, in the hopes of becoming an Apprentice, and eventually a Knight of the Order himself. He was a gifted student, one of the best in his cohort, and when he came of age and skill, Aris had little trouble passing the Trials of the Initiate, and was raised to the rank of Apprentice, under the tutelage of the Jedi Master Khalim Xenos.

Aris was Khalim's first apprentice, and he meant to mold the child into a model Jedi Knight. He was patient and wise, giving the boy the benefit of his years of experience as he trained and tutored him. Khalim was easily one of the finest swordsmen in the Order at the time, and Aris felt blessed to be his pupil. Their lives were as one for years, while Aris accompanied and assisted his Master on various missions, and learned everything he had to teach.

In his teens, Aris met and fell in love with a fellow Apprentice, a young Kiffar girl named Ansara Kabau. She returned his affection, but their affair was short-lived, as both their Masters quickly uncovered the truth. Khalim ordered Aris to put an end to the romance, and Ansara's Master ordered the same of her. Reluctantly, both agreed, and he and Ansara went their separate ways. Aris hid his feelings from his Master well, and maintained his composure despite the fact that his heart continued to yearn for the girl.

He was made a full Knight of the Jedi Order just a few short years before the beginning of the Clone Wars, but as the tensions in the Galaxy grew, so too did Aris' frustration. He performed his duties, but always there was a resentment toward his Masters, which he was able to hide, but never fully ignore. During a mission to the Outer Rim, a diplomatic assignment to persuade another system against joining with the Confederation of Independent Systems, Aris met a charismatic man by the name of Shi Keltis, an envoy of the Confederation. He and Keltis immediately held each other in high regard, and despite being on opposite sides of the growing conflict, struck up a friendship. Keltis was older, by nearly twenty years, and shared stories of his life with Kelrane, while Aris shared his experiences and adventures. Over the next months, Aris and Shi Keltis would meet frequently, and his trust and admiration for the man only grew. He eventually revealed to the man the story of his and Ansara's brief love affair, and his frustration with his Jedi Masters for forcing him to end it. Keltis had nothing but sympathy and compassion for the young man, explaining his belief that nothing should stand in the way of love.

The two spoke often of Ansara, for Keltis was his only outlet for his feelings. One day, though, when Aris went to meet the man, he was not alone. Keltis sat with the girl about whom they had so often spoken next to him, and Ansara was shocked to see her. Ansara had failed her trials of Knighthood, and left the Order not long afterward. She explained that her feelings for Aris had never faded, and that she wanted nothing more than to be with him, forever. Keltis had taken the girl under his wing, and while Aris was reluctant to leave the Order himself, both were satisfied that they could maintain a secret relationship, which Keltis would be happy to facilitate for his friend. They met frequently, in secret, and their romance grew once again. Ansara would arrive, and leave with Keltis, and Aris would return to his duties afterward.

Not long before the start of the Clone Wars, however, Aris went to meet with Keltis and Ansara as they had planned, but when he arrived, he was greeted by a cadre of Jedi Knights, who had taken the two into custody. Keltis was a Fallen Jedi, and Ansara his apprentice. Disciples of the Dark Side, and they were to be taken back to Coruscant for their sentencing. Ansara pleaded with Aris to help them, while Keltis appealed to Aris' already exposed feelings about the Jedi and how they had already taken Ansara from him once. Between the two, they managed to rile Aris into anger. He drew his lightsaber, and attacked the Jedi that had taken his friend and his lover hostage. In the melee, he freed both, who were able to arm themselves as well, and join in the fight. At the end, the Jedi lay dead on the ground, while Aris and Keltis stood victorious. Ansara, however, had been injured badly, and though Aris pleaded with his friend to help her, to get her to a hospital, Keltis was adamant that the injury was too great, and that nothing could be done. As Aris watched the girl fade into death, he vowed that he would do everything in his power to make the Jedi pay for her life, and turned to Keltis to ask for his help. Keltis was all too happy to accept the young man as his new Apprentice, and the two left together.

The Clone Wars began, and Aris Kelrane fought alonside his new Master against the Jedi and the Republic on the side of the Confederation. Aris slew Clones and Jedi alike, using his new Master's teachings to strengthen his resolve and access power that he had never dreamed, channelling the Dark Side of the Force. The two travelleved from system to system, wherever the fighting took them, but as it was planned by Keltis' own Master, the war would not end well for the Confederation. At the end, Keltis was killed, while Aris fled. Order 66 was enacted not long afterward, and Clone Troopers turned on their Jedi commanders, the Temple on Coruscant was invaded and cleared of all life. Jedi were lured back to the Temple, and slain. Aris waited on a barren planet in the Outer Rim, for word that the fighting had finished. When it had, he returned to Coruscant, presenting himself to the newly formed Inquisitorius and explaining that he had been Shi Keltis' apprentice, that it would be his honour to join their ranks and continue to hunt down and kill the remaining Jedi for the Emperor. He was accepted, and took to his work with vigour.

Aris Kelrane, as an Imperial Inquisitor, was a ruthless and cunning hunter. He tracked Jedi from system to system, capturing those he could, but happily slaughtering those he couldn't. The Jedi he captured were tortured mercilessly, and those that could be turned to the Dark Side, and made to serve the Emperor were made to do so. Those that simply wouldn't died; long, slow, agonizing deaths. Aris took great pleasure in watching their lives slowly slip away.

Aris served the Empire for nearly twenty years, and by the time the Battle of Yavin occurred, he was in his forties. He continued to hunt Jedi and members of the Rebellion, but with the Empire's defeat at Yavin and the destruction of the Death Star, he knew that the Emperor's time was limited. Aris began to make plans to retreat into the shadows, and though one does not simply leave the Imperial Inquisitorius, he was able to start laying the groundwork for a life after the Empire. In another four years, when the Empire was defeated again at Endor, the Emperor and Darth Vader both dead, Aris slipped away. The ensuing political fallout was not something Aris was interested in having a part in; Grand Admirals and Warlords could fight over the remains of the Empire, while the New Republic swept Coruscant and established themselves as the new Galactic government.

Aris fled to Umgul, a Hutt-controlled world in the Outer Rim. There, the New Republic would have no real sway, and the fledgling Jedi Order would have no reach. He could hide here, using the credits he had stockpiled, to live. Aris was not happy, but he lived. He fathered both a son and a daughter, by local prostitutes, but kept only the son; the daughter disappeared, along with her mother, and Aris did not make any effort to find them. His son quickly proved to have a strong connection to the Force, and Aris took it on himself to train the boy, mold him as his own Apprentice.

Aris' son proved an excellent student, absorbing both the teachings Aris had gained from his time as Jedi, and those as a disciple of the Dark Side. He instilled in his son his own longstanding hatred of the Jedi, hoping that they could one day strike back at them, and continue Aris' vengeance against those that took his only love from him.

As the years drew on, Aris' son became more and more impatient with their lives on Umgul. They were comfortable, Aris had enough credits to see to it that they could live forever on this planet, but his son craved action and adventure. He wished to seek out the Jedi, and strike them down. Despite his father's words recommending caution, when his son was eighteen years old, he left Umgul, stealing a ship bound for the territory of the Sith Empire. If his father would not act, he would find those that would. His son had a head start, but he soon followed, hoping to find the boy before the boy found the Sith.

IC Info

The name Aris Kelrane is not one that is necessarily well known across the galaxy, but those who were involved in the Empire before the Battle of Endor may recognize the name and its association with the Inquisitorius. Surviving Jedi from the years of Imperial reign may also recognize his name, and perhaps his face, should they have met previously. Contact the player if you think this may apply to you.

Associated NPCs

Dassan Kelrane: Dassan is Aris' son and apprentice, though his status as the latter is definitely in question given recent events.

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