Star Wars: Rebirth Wiki

  • His Origin

Connor probably had parents growing up, but his memories start being part of a small adolescent gang around the age of 5. Begging on the streets of Treasure Ship Row, then graduating to pickpocketing the same streets. Around 12, he discovered a knack for repairing and upgrading personal armor and


managed to find a way to feed himself without law breaking. Law breaking returned when he had himself jumped into the local chapter of the Triad.

  • Salvation

Throughout the years, Connor seemed to know when rival gangs or Corsec were going to raid the places he was staying and always managed to be out before things went down. Until this danger sense failed and he was scooped up by Corsec. Jedi Knight Bodaz found him in a jail cell and arranged to have him taken to Yavin 4 instead of prison.

  • RP Hooks!

Feel free to hit me up in game for scenes..

  1. On Corellia, which he has begun to return regularly to.
  2. Academy training scenes, or tasks given out by the New Jedi Order