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Dace Keran is a somewhat typical member of the Human species. Standing just shy of six feet, he has a medium and toned build, and a proud bearing. Dark hair cut short tops his head, and his olive skin bears more than a few lines and scars, belying a life not altogether sheltered. There is a light scruff of facial hair on his chin and cheeks, evidence that he hasn't shaved recently, but he is not entirely unkempt. Blue eyes and strong, solid features make his face, perhaps not striking, but not unattractive by any means.

He wears the uniform of the Republic Marines; dark tunic and trousers, the Republic phoenix crest emblazoned on the right shoulder, and rank insignia denoting his status as a Lieutenant. A black belt cinches around his waist, and a pair of black combat boots sit snugly around his feet.

IC Info

Dace Keran is known to the public as a member of the New Republic Marines. His service record is public information.