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Standing at six feet, with a medium, fit build and a stately bearing, Ellas Keth is your standard human specimen. Two arms, two legs, two eyes. Pale skin and black hair, appearing in his early to mid-thirties; there are a few lines, and a few light scars on his face, but he is not what most would consider entirely unattractive. He wears the uniform of the Imperial navy, pressed crisp and clean; shoes polished, cuffs starched, and the rank insignia of Captain worn proudly on his collar. At this waist is the standard sidearm of his station, an elegant and well-maintained blaster pistol, holstered.


Ellas Keth was born on Anaxes sixteen years before the Battle of Yavin; the Empire was in its prime, the Jedi had been all but eradicated, and the New Order had swept across the Galaxy to bring peace, and an end to chaos. Ellas' father had served in the Republic naval forces, and and fought in the Clone Wars; when the Republic had fallen and the Empire rose up in its place, Keth's loyalty was rewarded with rank and status. He served faithfully for the rest of his life, while his family enjoyed a life of luxury and privilege. Ellas grew up idolizing his father, and preparing to follow in his footsteps.

He enrolled in the Imperial Naval academy just a few years before the Battle of Yavin, and trained as a TIE fighter pilot, much to the dismay of his family; the life expectancy for such a career was short, to say the least. Nonetheless, Ellas proved a capable pilot, racking up an impressive number of kills and missions flown, and rose quickly through the ranks; in no small part because of his skill, but also because those around him simply didn't live as long.

His career in the TIE Corps lasted until well after the destruction of the second Death Star, and though the Empire fell from its position of supreme authority, Ellas remained loyal. Having served as a pilot, moving through the ranks as a Squadron Leader, and eventually the CAG aboard a Star Destroyer, his experience and value was recognized, and he was assigned as the Executive Officer aboard the ISD-II Malevolence, where he served for several years before being offered his own command; the VSD-II Sovereign.

IC Info

Ellas Keth is known to the public as a Captain in the Imperial Navy. His service record is not public knowledge.