The Empire is a strong, centralized authority that has been reduced to a shade of its former glory, but that has not made it any less deadly. The Empire has a strong central bureaucracy and military government centered around Empress Natassi Daala, supported by Supreme Commander Gilead Pellaeon. The Empire's bureaucracy and direct control of systems are made up of a Council of Moffs and other major institutions within the Empire, exerting loose to totalitarian control on the whim of the local governors. The Empire has relatively few Force Users, but those that exist are often loyal to the Empire as an institution. The Empire seeks to impose order upon the galaxy above all, to prevent the corruption of the Old Republic, the crime of the Hutts, and strife over the galaxy. While the Imperial Remnant is tolerant to aliens in ways the previous Empire was not, they still often find themselves in difficult positions when encountering the humanocentric old guard. Imperials are often fanatically loyal as a result of a lifetime of shelter and indoctrination, and those loyalists are capable and dangerous citizens. The Empire has a strong industrial presence and economy and its citizens are relatively prosperous despite the overwhelming focus on supporting its military government.

The main military strength of the Empire is in its Star Destroyers and billions of highly trained, dedicated soldiers. The Empire has roughly two hundred Imperial Class Star which often serve as the core of its many task forces and their supporting fleets. The Imperial flagship is a Super Star Destroyer class ship, the Emperor Palpatine, which guards the Remnants capital planet of Bastion. In recent years, the hordes of disposable fanatics serving in unshielded ships have been honed into top class pilots in newer, shielded ships upgraded from the iconic TIE/lns that still see use in extraordinary situations. While unwavering loyalty is still considered one of the most important parts of military life, the Empire now seeks to train soldiers who are flexible and cunning in their tactics, rather than rigidly adherent to old combat protocols based on overwhelming with numbers. The Imperial Navy is concentrated in a small area of its home sectors, and can respond to threats with overwhelming force in any part of Imperial territory within hours. Its forces are modern, dangerous, and well-equipped, leaving the smaller government more than capable of staving off any potential incursions by the New Republic.

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