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An extensive list of Force Powers, both Light and Dark.


Force Skills represent a character's raw ability with the Force. Force Powers represent specific application of those abilities to perform certain specific tasks.

Starting Force Powers

A Force User begins the game knowing a certain number of powers based on their Force Skill Levels. Force Users will begin the game with 1 Force Power for each die of Force Skills they have. For instance, a Force user with 3D in Control, 2D Sense, and 2D Alter would start the game knowing 7 Force powers.

Learning New Force Powers

During play, a character can learn new Force powers through training and experience, either with a master (i.e. part of the Jedi/Sith Academy) or by themselves (for Force Adepts).

A Force Adept may learn one power per IC period by spending 8 experience points.

A Force Student may learn two powers per IC period by spending 5 experience points each.

Force Powers

Force Power Governing Skills Force Alignment Short Description

Combat Powers

Combat Force provide bonuses and additional abilities to use in combat situations.

Note: A Force user may only learn one of the 'Focus' powers per 3D of Control. Thus, at 3D Control, a Force user may have one combat focus power. At 6D, she may have two, and at 9D she may learn all three.

Melee Focus Control, Sense Neutral Use lightsabers and other melee weapons to greater effect
Unarmed Focus Control, Sense Neutral Fight unarmed to greater effect
Vehicle Focus Control, Sense Neutral Pilot ships and drive vehicles to greater effect
Force Lightning Control, Alter Dark Generate blasts of pure force energy
Injure/Kill Alter Dark Use the Dark Side to inflict physical harm. Must be in contact with the target.
Telekinetic Kill Control, Sense, Alter Dark Use telekinesis to crush vital body parts, such as the throat, heart, or brain

Defense Powers

Defense Force powers allow the Force user to resist, withstand, or avoid harm from external physical sources.

Control Pain

Control Neutral Control pain in self
Control Another's Pain Control, Alter Neutral Control pain in another
Danger Sense Sense Neutral Sense incoming physical threats before they can harm you
Energy Shield Control Neutral Defend against harmful energy sources
Force Shield Control Neutral Enhance resistance to hostile Force powers
Remain Conscious Control Neutral

Remain conscious despite injury

Keep Another Conscious Control, Alter Neutral Increase a target's ability to remain conscious despite injury

Healing Powers

Healing Force powers allow the Force user to accelerate the healing process, and resist the effects of disease and toxins.

Accelerate Healing Control Light

Accelerate one's natural rate of healing

Accelerate Another's Healing Control, Alter Light Accelerate the natural healing rate of another
Control Disease Control Light Resist or ignore the deleterious effects of disease
Control Another's Disease Control, Alter Light Increase another's resistance to the deleterious effects of disease
Detoxify Poison Control Light Resist or eliminate the effects of toxic substances
Detoxify Poison in Another Control, Alter Light Increase another's resistance to, or eliminate the effect of toxic substances in another.
Transfer Force Control, Alter Light Stabilize mortal injuries

Physical Powers

Physical Force powers allow the Force user to perform feats of physical strength, speed, and agility beyond their natural limits

Control Breathing Control Neutral Hold your breath for extended periods
Escape Control Neutral Escape more easily from bonds and restraints
Force Leap Alter Neutral Force-enhanced jumping
Force Sprint Alter Neutral Force-enhanced running

Psychic Powers

Psychic Force powers allow the Force user to perform feats affecting the mind of a target

Affect Mind Control, Sense, Alter Neutral Affect a target's memories, conclusions, or perceptions
Control Mind Control, Sense, Alter Dark Assume total control of a target's mind
Drain Will Control, Sense, Alter Dark Subtly weaken the mental defenses of a target
Force Harmony Control, Sense, Alter Light Allows several Force users to pool their defensive strengths
Inflict Pain Control, Alter Dark Cause physical pain without injury
Life Bond Control, Alter Neutral Create a permanent telepathic link with a loved-one or friend
Memory Wipe Control, Sense, Alter Dark Permanently erase a target's memories
Telepathy Control, Sense Neutral Read and project thoughts from and to a target

Sense Powers

Sense Force powers allow the Force user to sense the Force in the external world around them

Instinctive Astrogation Sense Neutral Calculate hyperspace jumps without a Nav computer or droid
Life Detection Sense Neutral Sense the presence of life around the Force user
Life Sense Sense Neutral Sense the presence of a specific individual
Magnify Senses Sense Neutral Enhance physical senses beyond natural limits
Postcognition Sense Neutral Perceive psychic imprints left on objects
Sense Force Sense Neutral Detect magnitude and alignment of the Force in a target person, object, or area

Telekinetic Powers

Telekinetic Force powers allow the Force user to manipulate the physical world around them

Telekinesis Alter Neutral Moving and manipulating objects with mental force

Trance Powers

Trance Force powers allow the Force user to enter a meditative or focused state to perform a number of mental or physical feats

Enhance Memory Control Neutral Rewind and replay own memories to examine more closely
Hibernation Control Neutral Place self into a state of suspended animation
Hibernate Another Control, Alter Neutral Place another into a state of suspended animation
Farseeing Control, Sense, Alter Neutral Precognition, limited in scope and vague in detail