Name: Force Sight

Skills: Sense

Description: This power allows a Jedi to use the Force to 'see' the physical world around her, instead of relying on her eyes for visual input. The Jedi is able to look around her surroundings without having to physically face in any specific direction, and physical visual barriers appear translucent, allowing her to see through them. Using this power the Jedi cannot distinguish color, and is not affected by darkness. The Jedi is able to see in roughly a 160 degree arc at any given time using this power, up to a distance determined by their Sense roll.

This power can be kept up, and once activated does not count against any multi-action penalty. Additional powers can be used to augment this ability, such as Magnify Senses, and this power can be used permanently if known, when the Jedi's physical means of visual reception is rendered useless (she is blinded, or born without eyes, as is the case with the Miraluka). In these cases, nearby line of sight range is assumed, unless a specific Sense roll is made to extend the Jedi's visual range.

Difficulty: Very Easy, modified by proximity

Alignment: Neutral

Pre-Requisites: None

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