Name: Force of Will

Skills: Control

Description: By using Force of Will, the character uses his or her own Willpower skill to fight the effects of hostile Force powers. If faced with a mind-based power, the Jedi's Willpower skill roll may be added to either the Control or Perception code.

The Control (or Perception) plus Willpower total is referred to as the "protection number." If the attack roll is less than the target's control (or Perception) roll, the character suffers no ill effects. If the attack roll is greater than the protection number, the Jedi suffers the full effects of the attacking power. If the attack roll is greater then the control roll, but less than the protection number, the Jedi is protected from the power, but his willpower is considered "battered." Subtract -1D from the character's willpower skill. The Jedi can still continue to defend, but with the decreased willpower. Reroll for a new protection number in this case. If a Jedi's willpower skill ever reaches 0D, the Force of will power is automatically dropped, and the Jedi can only resist with control or Perception.

It takes one day to recover 1D of damage from a "battered will," or one hour in emptiness (or rage) for each 1D to recover.

Note: Force of will does not protect against Force lightning or Force storms or objects hurled by telekinesis. These are external rather than internal powers, in which case willpower would be useless. However, it works on injure/kill, telekinetic kill, inflict pain, and other powers which directly use the Force to affect the target.

This power may be kept up.

Difficulty: Easy

Alignment: Neutral

Pre-Requisites: None

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