Name: Hatred

Skills: Control and Alter

Description: A character who uses this power automatically receives a Dark Side Point.

This power is similar to "Force Scream" (ToJC, page 65) but is used voluntarily. The character using this power releases his hatred into a blast of Force energy. Successful use of this power deals 3D damage to all targets within ten meters of the character, and gives each one a -1D penalty to all rolls for the remainder of the round. The effects of this power last a single round, though the duration can be increased by spending character points - for each character point spent, the duration is increased by one round. These points can be spent at any time before the power fades.


Control Moderate
Alter Target's Control or Perception roll

Alignment: Dark

Pre-Requisites: Control Pain, Inflict Pain, Injure/Kill, Life Detection, Life Sense, Rage, and Waves of Darkness