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Lissar Ravenstar
Vital statistics
Species Human
Gender Female
Age Mid 20s
Affiliation Independent
Position Captain
Physical attributes

Public Background

She's a space rat, born on a freighter between the stars (though technically she's Corellian because her parents were). Eventually she inherited her parents' ship, and has made a meager living transporting cargo (and sometimes passengers), mining asteroids, and doing various odd jobs throughout the galaxy.


Mobquet Medium Transport -- Winter Angel III

What a piece of junk!

Yeah, the Winter Angel has definitely seen better days. Originally a stock Mobquet Medium Transport, the Angel has been modified for small-scale asteroid mining and prospecting by replacing the defensive weapons with a mining laser and a tractor beam. Of course, getting to the best minerals that haven't already been picked over means flying a freighter that handles like a bantha through the most dangerous parts of an asteroid field, and the ship definitely looks it. The engine housing is warped and blackened from being constantly pushed beyond the design specs, the thick hull plating that the MMTs are famous for has been welded and re-welded by hand so many times that it looks like large chunks of the ship might fall off at any moment, and the whole thing drips a rainbow of fluids and sheds paint and rust everywhere. "Deathtrap" might be apt... but apparently it still flies, somehow.

Recent History

To be added

RP Hooks

  • Pilot: She's got the skills. She's also a pretty good gunner.
  • For Hire: She can often be found in the local watering hole between jobs. She's not famous by any stretch, but if someone's looking to move something cheaply (and slowly), the bartenders usually know her name. She also fixes stuff, but... only if you're desperate (see below).
  • Hand me the hydrospanner!: She's got an OK knack for fixing stuff, but virtually zero interest or patience in actually doing it right or reading the manual. So her repairs tend to be by instinct, which usually makes everyone but herself rather nervous. The current state of her ship attests to her policy of "that looks right" and "close enough".

Imperial Record

  • None: Though her parents were low-level criminals summarily executed by Imperial Customs for smuggling weapons. So if she or her ship (which she inherited from her parents) by some remote chance happen to get connected to their names, there might be trouble.

RP Prefs & Disclaimer

  • Frequently interrupted by RL: My RL is hectic, so I'm only able to get online a little here and there. And as much as I try to avoid it, I may need to log off at inopportune times. I appreciate your understanding.

RP Logs

To be added