Luy Tikt
"Try me...."
Vital statistics
Species Devaronian
Gender Female
Age Mid 20s
Affiliation New Jedi Order
Position Padawan
Physical attributes
Height 1.75m
Weight 59kg
Eyes Purple
Hair White
Feature Force Sensitive

Her Past

On the planet Devaron, Luy Tikt was born into a rather non impressive family. It was just her, her mother, father and younger brother. Her father had recognized the girls skills after having had siblings of his being recruited by the Jedi at the Temple of Eedit. Now that the old Jedi temple was in ruins and no longer in use (and that it was a dangerous place during the wars), her parents shipped her off to Yavin IV to be trained.

Luy was a bit behind compared to other padawans as she was sent off to be trained a little later than most. Though that was not a worry in her mind since she was dedicated to not disappoint her family.

Now there was a bit more to her being behind than her just being a bit older. Due to the nature of her species, she’s a bit violent.  She's a bit of a trickster, hot headed and has moments where she's just like, 'So we can't just...kill them all?' as the answer to problems. However seeing as her family has always had a positive experience with the Jedi Order because of the temple and other relations, she tries reeeaalllly hard to fight off those urges. However, she still tends to do  things with more of a violent flair. One time she was sparring a fellow padawan, she got a bit into and had to be pulled off when she didn’t stop when told.

At the age of 21, she would receive word that her younger brother was killed in his travels. Caught up in a skirmish with a Sith who was attacking a town, he was trying to help and got struck down intervening. From that moment on, she was on a mission to focus more and become a Jedi Knight.

Her Present

Well she's still a padawan and needless to say, it's frustrating her. The cause of her delay? Two words: anger management. Currently she's stuck on Tatooine with a Zabrak named Katter that shes been assigned to in order to learn to control her race's disposition. She figured easy, right? But nope. She's going to be there for a few days....

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RP Logs

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