Miwa Vel Aath was born on Corellia on the outskirts of Kor Vela, near the monastery complex that has existed there for 10,000 years. She is the eldest daughter of a family of hereditary priests of a wealthy Shinzennist temple, one of the many sects that installed themselves near the ancient monastery on the plateau. Traditionally the cult espoused total pacifism, yet, despite its tradition of teaching meditation devolved into a place to store cremation urns and to chant prayers for the dead.

It was a placid life at the temple, the family's time circumscribed by ritual and tradition.

The history of the Battle of Yavin taught at the local school set fire to the young girl convincing her that pacifism equals passivity and could bring the end of the world. She became restless with the idea of inheriting the temple and not taking an active part in protecting the peace of her home planet. At 16, the constant conflict with her parents, who had provided her a good home and education to prepare her to take the charge of the temple at her father's passing, drove her to seek out the Azure Honor and The Mobile Academy. Her leave taking was awkward and sad, her father's pride barely letting him say goodbye.

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