The New Republic is governed by the New Republic Senate based out of Coruscant, led by Chief of State Leia Organa-Solo. The New Republic has weathered many crises over the years, bent many times but it has never been broken. Though it has a complicated bureaucracy which is prone to corruption in some of the ways the Old Republic's Senate was, most of its governance is actively involved in making the galaxy a better place for all, citizens and members of other states or none at all. While the New Republic is the dominant political power in the galaxy, the need to deal with incidents over a wide area has left it spread thin, particularly as its interests are pulled toward the mid and outer rim to prevent a power vacuum from leaving Hutts, the Empire, or worse in charge. Although imperfect, its citizens would agree that the New Republic is the best source of hope for the galaxy.

The New Republic Defense Forces are headquartered on Coruscant, guided by a single mission and led by Admiral Ackbar. Every sector has its own defense comprised of local militia aided by state military forces, and six mobile fleets serve as the backbone of its offensive power. The New Republic's forces are generally controlled at the local levels of space, other than the main fleets which act as crisis response forces guided at a federal level. The six fleets and supporting forces are often spread about the galaxy, responding to crisis of various sorts from military need to humanitarian efforts. Because of the Republics dedication to diplomacy over force and freedom over authority, the militarys growth since the initial fall of the Empire has been slow. Despite the Republics greater scale, its military is relatively small and sometimes slow to respond to threat, or even an acts of aggression.

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