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Personnel File, Lieutenant-Commander Phelan Kell


        Full Name: Phelan Ward Kell

        Cover Aliases:Nikolai Tharkad, Imperial Officer turned Privateer

        Planet of Birth: Corellia

        Education:4 years, Coronet Academy for the Gifted

        Corellian Security Forces Academy

        New Republic Naval Officer's Academy, midway transfer to....


Service Begins, Assigned to Outer Rim Chapterhouse, Section P, Office of Naval Intelligence. Inserted into Pirate 'Queen' Nondi Steiner set of recruits, promoted internally to First Officer of Corellian Corvette, Glittering Loot. Converted Captain of vessel to New Republic service, utilized in operation to dismantle pirate fleet and rendered Nondi Steiner largely irrelevant. Returned to New Republic Service, assignment pending.

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