Name: Plant Surge

Skills: Control and Alter

Description: When used, this power causes plants (grasses, weeds, bushes, trees, etc.) to entangle target creatures, holding them fast or slowing them down. The Control difficulty depends on the area that the Force user wishes to affect:

Radius Control Difficulty
2 meters Easy
4 meters Moderate
6 meters Difficult
8 meters Very Difficult

The Alter difficulty is the Control or Brawling Parry roll(s) of the target(s). If the Force-user succeeds in his use of the power, the targets are considered to be entangled. Entangled creatures suffer a -1D penalty to all attack rolls, a -2D penalty to their Dexterity scores, and can only move at half of their normal Movement scores. Entangled characters can attempt to escape, but this requires a Difficult Strength check to accomplish.

Difficulty: See description

Alignment: Neutral

Pre-Requisites: Concentration and Telekinesis

Restricted: This power is restricted. Please contact staff if you wish to learn it.