Name: Rage

Skills: Control

Description: Use of this power gives the user a Dark Side Point.

The Jedi must say how long s/he wishes to stay in Rage; The user of this power must make a Difficult control roll every four hours in the trance of the rage or will come out of the trance. S/he receives a +10 bonus to all Force powers, but takes 1D damage for every two hours spent in Rage.

Protection: adds the Rage control roll to any difficulty rolls for attepts of any Force powers that target the user of Rage. Rage user dehydrate twice as fast and suffer a -1D to Strength if attacked by any energy and physical contact.

Side effect: a physical contact with a person in rage results in a berserk like attack - regardless of who the person may be. A Difficult control roll stops the attack.

Preparation: a character using rage can choose to anticipate the arrival of a foe. They must make a Difficult Sense roll ( modified by relationship ) with the Life Sense power at a time they enter rage. This will allow them to instantly awaken on a sucssessfull easy control roll if the expected person comes within 5 meters of the person in rage.

This power can only be used by characters who have been consumed by the Dark Side of the Force.

Difficulty: Difficult

Alignment: Dark

Pre-Requisites: Hibernation Trance

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