Name: Reduce Injury

Skills: Control

Description: A Jedi may use this power to reduce the amount of injury she suffers. This power is normally only used in desperation because of its long-term repercussions. The power must be used in the round that the injury is suffered or in the round immediately following. When the power is successful, the Jedi loses a Force Point. Any injury that is suffered is reduced to wounded. If the original injury would have killed the character, the gamemaster will inflict a relevant permanent injury on the character.

Note: It is not always a "selfish" act to save one's life, so the character might be able to get the Force Point back. If the character was fighting to save her friends from certain doom - and if she fails, they certainly die - then this could even be considered an heroic action.


Moderate Incapacitated
Difficult Mortally Wounded
Very Difficult Dead

Alignment: Neutral

Pre-Requisites: Control Pain

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