Star Wars: Rebirth Wiki

Name: Short Term Memory Enhancement

Skills: Control

Description: When a Jedi uses this power, he or she can replay recent events in order to more carefully examine images and peripheral occurrences. Using the power, a Jedi can freeze images and even scan memory tracks to recall details that were seen but did not register consciously at the time of observation. In game terms, this power can be used to alert a Jedi to information, items, other characters, or anything else that passed before his or her senses within a specific span of time. In addition, if a gamemaster provided clues or leads to clues that the players originally missed or ignored, this power can be used to recall them. When players get stuck on a puzzle or mystery within an adventure, this power can alert them to possible solutions, if those solutions were observed earlier in the adventure. How far back a Jedi can remember with this power is determined by the success of his control skill roll.

Skill Roll Beats Memory Difficulty By Extends Back
0-8 Through current episode
9-20 Through last episode
21+ Through last two episodes

Difficulty: Difficult

Alignment: Neutral

Pre-Requisites: Hibernation Trance