The Sith Order operates in small sects and cells, but have a few areas where they are known to cohabitate, most infamous among them being the world of Korriban, though it remains unknown to the galaxy at large. The Sith are concerned for many things - personal power, conquest, and knowledge, but what they stand for varies among individual Sith. What limited central authority the Sith have manifests in a rumored Shadow Council that seemingly exercises relatively little direct control over the individual Sith, passing commands down through rumored chains to present missions for the benefit of the Order as a whole or to put a stop to infighting grown out of hand. Among the Sith, it is believed the Shadow Council is responsible for the long term goals of the Sith, though not immune to using the order for whatever twisted pursuits they might have at any time, though they also protect the Sith as a whole. However little the Sith care for one another, at the very least they know they must stand together to ensure they are not exterminated by the galaxy's major forces, or the Jedi Order. Although they operate mostly in secret since being defeated in an Imperial coup, they have exerted their influence over governing bodies through threats, pressure, infiltration, and even assassination - even Hutts have occasionally found themselves on the wrong side of the Order's wrath and paid the price for it.

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