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Cathar Defender TCGMaM.png
Vital statistics
Species Cathar
Gender Male
Age 20
Affiliation NA
Position NA
Status Alice
Physical attributes
Height 1.8m
Weight 90.7kg
Eyes Yellow
Hair Gold
Feature Original


Born on Cathar to a Warrior Clan, Skarr was raised with the belief of protecting life and bringing justice to the galaxy. To this end, the Clan refuses to work with the Imperial Government. Skarr upbringing was a mix of combat trials and education. 

During his Rite of Ascension (coming of age at 16) he found he was Force-Sensitive. After learning of this, he began to dabble with the Force, attempting to understand what exactly was happening to him.

After completing the Rite, Skarr joined the Hunting Guild on his planet. The Guild was designed to training Cathar's in hunting, policing and bounty hunting. They were trained in Alien Species, Law and weapons. The training took four years to complete.

Now twenty and a graduate of the Guild, Skarr has decided to leave Cathar. He has many questions about the Force and now seeks to put his skills to use in the galaxy.