Star Wars: Rebirth Wiki

An alphabetical list of skills, followed by the attribute category and a short description.

Acrobatics AGL Tumbling, balance, gymnastics, etc. 
Aerospace Tech TEC Starfighter, airspeeder, shuttles, light-transports, capital ships, and aircraft repair, includes jetpacks pack powered vehicles, starship shield and weapon integration (but not repair).
Alien Species INT Sentientology, Zoology; Knowledge of the physical aspects of alien races
Animal Handling CHA Handling/training animals; riding animals, veterinary science, animal biology
Armor Tech TEC Personal armor repair, power armor, droid chassis repair, jetpacks
Athletics AGL Running, jumping, climbing
Blaster Tech TEC Energy weapons (blasters) repair
Bluff CHA Bluffing, Fast-talking; Maintaining a disguise (undercover operations, infiltration, pretending to be a security guard)
Brawl STR Unarmed, hand-to-hand combat and wrestling 
Business CHA Negotiating on price or other factors, management of business logistics and finances, appraisal of values
Charm CHA Making good impressions; Attracting affection 
Chemistry INT Chemical compounds, explosives
Communications  INT Operating communication equipment (comlinks, subspace radios, comm-jammers, etc.); Includes cryptography 
Computers INT Operating/programming computers; Slicing, droid programming/operation, missile and other smart weapon weapon programming
Computer Tech TEC Computer and droid circuit repair 
Cultures CHA Sociology, etiquette, knowledge of the behavior and customs of alien races 
Demoltions TEC Setting and defusing explosives
Disguise CHA Altering physical appearance to hide identity 
Dodge AGL Avoiding attacks/obstacles
Driving PER Stable land vehicles
Engineer TEC Modifying existing technologies or Developing new uses for them; This skill does NOT allow the repair of starships- and ship 'engineers' would actually use the Starship-tech skill.
Forgery PER Creating and detecting forged items
Geology INT  Earth science; Includes geophysics and meteorology
Groundcraft Tech TEC Wheeled, tracked or hover vehicle repair , droid wheels/tracks, includes vehicle shield integration
Gunnery  PER Mounted weaponry 
Hand Eye AGL Throwing, catching, archery
Hide/Conceal PER Hiding objects on oneself or within the envornment
History INT Galactic history; Includes Archeology 
Instruction CHA Teaching skills to others, in a formal or informal setting
Interrogation PER Extracting information 
Intimidation CHA Coercing others through threat of force 
Jedi Lore INT Knowledge of Jedi teachings 
Jetpack AGL  Jetpack operation 
Languages INT Linguistics; Knowledge of languages 
Law PER Knowledge of legal systems, forensics, bounty hunting, regulations, tracking sentients
Lightsaber Tech TEC Lightsaber construction, modification, and repair
Marksmanship AGL Hand-held ranged weapons (pistols, rifles, crossbows, etc.) 
Mathematics INT Mathematics, basic, advanced, theoretical
Med Tech INT First aid; Advanced medical treatment,  genetics, medical science 
Melee STR Hand-to-hand weapons (knife, club, etc.) 
Melee Tech TEC Melee weapons
Observation PER "Passive" perception; Alertness; Casual noticing of details 
Oceanography INT  Hydrology and marine science 
Orienteering PER Navigation, map-reading and cartography, finding food and water in the wilderness, hunting, fishing, wilderness survival, weather sense, tracking animals
Performance CHA Singing, dancing, stage and street acting, playing instruments, mimicry
Persuasion CHA Coercing others through arguments/please
Physics INT Physical science; Includes Astronomy 
Pick Pockets AGL Pick-pocketing, Sleight-of-hand
Piloting PER Air and space based craft
Planetary Systems INT Stellar geography; Knowledge of variousplanetary systems, their locations, terrain types, civilizations, industries governments, etc. 
Politics CHA Science, government, knowledge of political systems, navigating bureaucracies
Projectile Tech  TEC Non-energy weapons such as slugthrowers, howitzers, missile launchers, grenade launchers, and torpedoes.
Psychology INT Psychological science; Includes Counseling 
Repulsorlift Tech TEC Landspeeders, Speeder-Bikes and Swoops repair 
Riding AGL Unstable vehicles such as motorcycles, swoops, speeders, also includes skateboards, hoverboards, and skates.
Search PER  "Active" perception; Finding hidden things while actively searching for them 
Security Systems PER Bypassing Alarm Systems, Picking Locks, etc. 
Sense Motive PER Detecting lies or other hidden emotions 
Sensors INT Operating sensor machinery (scanners, cameras radar, etc.) 
Shield Tech TEC Shield systems for bases, modification of existing systems (replacements are covered by vehicle tech skills if appropriate) – also covers personal shields/armor.
Sith Lore INT Knowledge of Sith teachings 
Stamina STR Physical endurance and the ability to withstand damage
Stealth PER Hiding and sneaking, blending into crowds and not drawing attention; Includes camouflage
Streetwise CHA Knowledge of the criminal underworld and of methods of contacting it or finding items through it on the black market 
Swimming STR Ability to move through water 
Systems Tech TEC Catch-all skill for system modification
Tactics Ground INT Ground warfare tactics 
Tactics Space INT Aero-space warfare tactics
Walkers AGL AT-AT, AT-ST, AT-PT, powersuits
Walker Tech TEC Walkers (AT-AT, AT-ST, AT-PT, etc.), powersuits (cargo loaders, etc.), and integrated shield systems.
Watercraft PER Motorboats, ships, waveskimmers, hydrofoils, sailing ships and barges
Watercraft Tech TEC Motorboats, Ships, Waveskimmers, Hydrofoils, sailboats, sail barges 
Willpower CHA Resist mental attacks or social manipulation 
Zero Gee AGL Ability to move in zero-gee environments