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Star Wars: Rebirth MUSH is a free, text-based role playing game hosted by fans of Star Wars for other fans of Star Wars. You will never be charged to play and neither the creators nor administration receive any money for hosting the game. All content was created by volunteers for purely entertainment purposes.

We use a mostly simplified version of D6, with the original core rules now available in a de-licensed bundle for free at Drive-Thru RPG. Additionally, many of the stats we pull from can be found at the D6 Holocron Wiki or created from items listed on Wookieepedia.

PLEASE NOTE: This game and its wiki is currently undergoing construction. Please be patient and bear with us as the various code strings are untangled and put into place.

Server Status:

The server has been restarted again on 6/3/2021 at 12:18 AM (GMT-8) after a multi-day crash. Sorry, apparently MacOS lied about the status yesterday 😩

In case of a crash or other error, please email - Master Rahn will restart the server as soon as he has the email!

How To Connect:

Connect to the MUSH by using a regular telnet client, or get a better experience by using a client specifically designed to connect to MUSH and MUD servers like SimpleMU.

Server Address: port 9999 or ====

Contact Us:

If you would like to contact us, send us an e-mail at or connect to the game and use the command +staff to find an online administrator.