Star Wars: Rebirth Wiki

Name: Tayn Briggs


Imperial TIE fighter pilot

Tayn Briggs is a military brat.   Her mother was a TIE fighter pilot killed shortly before the Battle of Yavin, her father an Imperial destroyer officer who recently retired on 'health grounds' after the Sith coup.   Tayn, though, has been single-minded from the start; she wanted to be a pilot, she wanted to be an Imperial pilot, and she wanted to be the best of the best.   So, from the time she was old enough to get behind the controls of a ship (under supervision), she studied and practiced.   Until she was nine, her mother tutored her, driving her relentlessly, and after her mother's death she continued to drive herself hard.    Begging time on simulators, she soon began to attract the notice of the Imperial recruiters, and soon found herself in a Imperial military academy.   There, with her work ethic and natural skillset, she graduated third in her class and was given a commission as Ensign.   With her oath administered by her father, it was the happiest day of her life.   Her mother would have been so proud.

With the Empire in flux, her career wavered.    Although she continued to excel and was promoted to Lieutenant (JG), her Star Destroyer was pulled back from the front and languished in deep space for months on end.    Morale amongst the crew decayed, and Tayn soon found it harder and harder to maintain optimistic about her lifestyle, and began to despair of being promoted.   Then, one fateful day, it all came together.   On patrol as Aurek Three, her flight was attacked by a heavily superior force of Rebels.   Both Aurek Leader and Aurek Two were destroyed, but Tayn fought back, destroying three X-wings single-handed before forcing the others to disengage.   Tayn's TIE, badly damaged, limped back to the Star Destroyer, where her reception was complicated: she was promoted on the spot to Lieutenant but then immediately reassigned off the ship.   The Captain's intentions were noble; he realized his stagnating ship was no place for an up-and-coming young officer.    But then she was transferred hither and thither, even at one point to a desk job.    Never one to be accepting of the status quo, however, Tayn seized her chance during the Sith coup.  Using the contacts she had amassed, she pulled strings and called in favors, and now Lieutenant Tayn Briggs, designation ED-1421, has been posted to the ISD Eviscerator.

She's an Imperial loyalist; she'll use what she can of the Sith coup to her advantage, because she's a conniving type.     Some might think she has a grudge against the Rebels over the death of her mother, but in truth she's long over it; she views the Rebels simply as target practice in her burning desire to be the best of the best.   She admires excellence in others (even in the 'enemy').    And she's a ruthless bitch - she'll do anything to advance herself and the Imperial cause.  The ends justify the means.