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Valeriana Meretrix Blackthorne


Valeriana is a moderately well-known Doctor of Archaeology, Cultural Anthropologist, Historian, and Linguist - if one is familiar with those circles. She has also done some modeling work, the most notable being her appearance in  'Cutting Edge Monthy - "The Women of Science" Issue'. Her general demeanor is pleasant, a bit flirtatious, and she seems very passionate about everything she does.


Val is always on the lookout for contacts in all walks of life, especially Smugglers, Fences, Fixers, Scholars, Hackers, Family Friends, Fellow Officers and/or Archaeologists, Old, Current and Ex-Friends, Ex-Boyfriends... you get the idea!

Roleplaying Preferences

Adventure, Mystery, Romance, Lost and Forbidden Secrets, Ancient Places, Witty Repartee and Double Entendre.

I am !Drama for Drama's sake and !Douchebaggery. If you or your character is a Douche, please save us both the trouble. :)

OOC: Health

I am not in the best of health, so may have to depart on short notice. Please understand this is not due to any RP of yours. If I have a problem, I prefer to work it / talk it out, I promise.

OOC: Schedule

I have a generally fluid schedule, and with notice, can make nearly any RP time. My 'usual' times are evening to late nights, however.


Please note a great deal of the information on this page is provided OOCly. If you would like to use any of this information ICly, please contact Valeriana to ask about it. Thank you for understanding.


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Species: Sephi
Afilliation: Sith Empire
Occupation: Freelance Archaeologist
Education: Doctorate in Archaeology, Minors in Cultural Anthropology and Xeno-Linguistics
Languages: Basic, Binary, High-Galactic, Huttese, Sephi, Sith

Sith Title: Apprentice
Current Master: Darth Archaeus
Lightsaber Combat Style: Primary: Niman (Form VI), Additional Training in Shii-Cho (Form I) and Makashi (Form II)
Played-By: Gia Genevive


Fozzy - Judas

Karissa Noel - Corrupt

Papa Roach - Getting Away With Murder

Shockwave Sound - Dark Lords

Blues Saraceno - Evil Ways (Justice Mix)