Name: Vehicle Focus

Skills: Control and Sense

Description: A Jedi using this power is able to dedicate his mental focus to the task of driving, piloting, or operating a vehicle or starship, letting the Force guide his actions and reactions. This power can be brought up at the beginning of a task or battle, and while active allows the Jedi to add 1 pip for each of his Sense dice to any skill used to operate the piloted vehicle. If the Jedi is stunned or injured, he may attempt to use this power again, but if the Jedi fails to activate the power he may only use basic skills for operating the vehicle until the end of combat, or the end of the specific task at hand.

This power does not count against any multi-action penalty after it is activated.


Sense Moderate
Control Easy

Alignment: Neutral

Pre-Requisites: Concentration

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