Name: Windriding

Skills: Control

Description: When used in addition to the Force Leap power, the Jedi is able to rest his weight on any material surface, provided it is connected in some way to a solid anchor, and use that surface to jump again. This allows the Jedi to leap from a tiny tree branch, or the surface of a pond, as a brief resting place before leaping again. The Jedi may only maintain contact with an otherwise unstable surface for only a moment using this power, before the surface gives way. In essence, the Jedi delays the time that his weight will affect the landing surface for one round; if the Jedi has not moved from the surface before the next round, it will break and the Jedi will fall through. This power may also be used to briefly walk or run on sheer vertical surfaces, such as walls or cliffs. It cannot be used to climb up the surface, only move laterally along its length, or 'land on' it in order to springboard to another surface.

This power can be kept up for up to 10 rounds.


Easy Semi-stable surfaces or vertical surfaces; tree branches, thin ice, rock faces
Moderate Weak or unstable surfaces; small branches
Difficult Water surface

Alignment: Neutral

Pre-Requisites: Force Leap and Telekinesis

Restricted: This power is restricted. Please contact staff if you wish to learn it.

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