Ysille Vale is a Falleen Adventurer, captain of the scout ship, Goshawk.


Customary to Falleen aristocracy, Ysille went on a tour of the galaxy as a teenager.  The idea being that she could see  the sights and hear the sound of alien civilization as a youth, then come back home to take part in real society once again.

Her 'slumming' trip went a bit sideways when her ship was intercepted by a customs cruiser.  They had mistaken her vessel for being part of a rebel strike force, which happened to arrive just moments later to attack.

The rebels rescued her from the clutches of the evil customs officials, and Ysille opted to join them, having discovered a sudden distaste for the Imperial Customs Bureau.  Welcomed aboard, she was trained to fly a Y wing with the sector squadron the 'Star Dragons,' tasked with interrupting imperial shipping in the galactic south.

After the war, the Star Dragons were folded back into their home system's militaries, with Ysille retiring to continue her tour of the galaxy.

The Goshawk

Finding herself on Coruscant for quite some time, Ysille made a few friends who helped her out quite a bit after she took out a loan and purchased a stripped down Z-10 Seeker.  Over the course of a couple of months, she was able to track down correct parts and refit the ship, soon blasting off to the stars to seek adventures.

In her down time, Ysille enjoys spice, lum and binging on Xorgon Xerses, her favourite Falleen Polititcal Thriller holovid series.

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