Zia Asal
Vital statistics
Species Togruta
Gender Female
Age 20s
Affiliation Imperial Remnant/Sith
Position Diplomat
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 1.76m
Weight 65 kg
Eyes Gold
Hair n/a
Feature Unknown


Just shy of six feet, this woman is not 'petite' by many standards. She is very clearly a Togruta, red skin accented with white markings. For her, these white markings are around her gold-coloured eyes, between her browline and the top of her cheekbones, then tapering out to either side of her face. Montrals curve up above her head while three head-tails fall to her waist, all patterned with black and white stripe-like colouring. Her build is slender, seeming to possess the form of a dancer rather than one of brute strength. Black colouring has been applied to her lips and painted onto her fingernails, contrasting against the red of her skin.


Currently classified

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